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r. Through the gateway of the garden they had a glimpse of a group of three ladies that were evidently out for an airing. Frank thought he had never seen a prettier group in al


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l his life, and while he looked at them he whispered his opinion to Fred. Fred agreed with him, and then added, "I tell you what, Frank, we'll get three dresses just like those, if they don't cost too much; and


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when we get home, we'll have Miss Effie and your sister and my sister put them on. Then we'll arrange the garden to look like that one as much as possible, with a little furnace and teapot in front of the girls, an

y returned safely, and

, after resting awhile, went on another walk, in a direction slightly diff

d the pedestal of a statue near them. Won't that be nice?" Frank agreed that it would, and, lest he should forget the arrangeme


nt of the group, he made a rough sketch of the scene, and said they could[Pg 181] rely upon photographs for the costumes and their


colors. If they got the dresses, the girls could easily arrange them with the aid of the pictures. When the sketch was finishe

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